Enid Brand Identity Standards

Identity Standards Introduction

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Download the Enid Brand Identity Standards Quick Guide

It is important for Enid to express a single, compelling voice in everything
we do. The totality of the logo, visuals, and words we use to describe Enid
will enable us to establish and maintain a clear, unified brand identity, both within the community and beyond.

This website provides general guidelines for the visual and verbal articulation of the Enid brand, as well as specific directions for the application of our logo and related elements. We recommend that you refer to this guide whenever you develop marketing communications.

Primary and secondary versions of the logos are available for download straight from this site as long as they are used according to the established standards.  Enid brand managers may also login as a "Registered User" to access additional brand elements and templates. Other groups may download the Quick Guide above. To make a request for additional logos contact the City of Enid.